The media landscape has changed, brands are starving for content to feed their content engines. That’s why we help brands make content at scale.

About Us


Howdy! We are a video production company that operates in  Nashville Tennessee, and Austin, Texas. We  specialize in making content that gives brands a soul. What do we mean by that? Well, we hope to make content for you that engages your potential customer in a thoughtful way. We believe in building emotional connections through filmmaking, and the best way to do that is to tell stories that  get to the heart of your brand.  Dont take our word for it, take a peek at our reel and let us know what you think!

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Content At Scale

Our approach to making content is to ensure that brands get the most out of content creation that fits the need of marketing in the 21st century. SO what do we mean by content at scale? We have developed a process of creating content that allows us to make vast amounts of it in a single shoot. Primarily when we do this we create mini-doc content consisting of interviews that lean into the authenticity and vulnerability of the humans that make up a company. We do this because we believe that in today’s manufactured online existence, the best way to cut through the noise is to authentically meet the customer where they are at. The benefit of this is that the brands we work with can walk away with a tone of great content to feed your content engine while speaking from your core of who you are as a brand.

We have developed a process that allows us to create vast amounts of content for our clients.

Notable Work


Pearson Education

Pearson Education is the global brand leader in the education space. We have been honored to work with them and be a creative partner to help them create high-quality engaging content. Our goal with Pearson was to bring humanity into advertising for education. We wanted the content we made together to transcend the classroom and build up the idea of what it means to be an educator and a student. These are a few of 55 peices we have delivered to Pearson over the last year to feed their content engine. Thats is how we deliver content at scale.

Thomas Markle Jewelers

Thomas Markle Jewelers is one of our favorite brands we have worked with over the years. Thomas started his company selling jewelry door to door with an alligator briefcase. He has now owned his company for thirty-some odd years, and it took an immense amount of passion for him to get there. For our part, we were lucky enough to capture some of that passion on film and help showcase what jewelry means to him.


Modern Designs 

Modern Designs had a huge goal, they wanted to reinvent the desk. It’s actually a pretty amazing desk, to be honest. What we wanted to do with them was to create what amounted to a movie trailer for the desk. We wanted to showcase the craftsmanship, thought and work they put into their designs. What you will notice is we never show the actual desk in this video. We did that because we wanted to make the brand about them and who they are. While hopefully making something so beautiful and useful for the viewer that they will have no choice but to go see what these desks actually look like.


Post Production For Ad Agencies 

If you have ever done post production you know it can be a nightmare. We make it easy with a  afforable team that has years of experince in editing, color correction, graphics  and any other post production needs. We have worked with agencies  both  in Nashville and in Austin. This includes every thing from cuting together a video for a big pitch. Or helping you craft a piece from footage  you already have.

Music Content

Having a presense in both Nashville, TN and Austin Texas. (Music City, and The Live Music Capital of The World.)  This naturally lends its self to working with Musical talanet to help them show case thier work. If you are a label or a artist and you are interested in working with us drop a line we would be more than happy to work with you. Check out what we did with Nathan Bonnes!


“Travis really understood our vision and created a wonderful, unique, video that reflected the integrity of our brand my father dedicated his life to create. We feel lucky to have found him and his team as they made us feel completely comfortable doing something we are not so familiar with. We all felt as ease thanks to Travis. He truly brought out the best in us and we are so thankful or showcase this video for many years to come! We can’t wait for the next one!” 

Sarah Harrington
COO Thomas Markle Jewelers

“Travis Meadors has twice done an outstanding job filming and editing our primary product video. His knowledge of knowing just how a scene will best appear on film is remarkable. He has always delivered his work on a timely basis and I highly endorse him for any company’s video needs.” 

Steve Jones
President goLock Technology, Inc.
Missio Films is the brand filmmaker Travis Meadors produces all of his commercial work under. His philosophy is that in an age of manufactured online personas, the best way to cut through the noise is helping brands speak from their core identity. By creating genuine authentic, human content. Travis has nearly ten years of experience working with large scale brands, medium-size businesses, and startups. He handles everything from idea creation to delivery of content. 
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Need our help? Want to be one of our clients? You know you do. We will put you our  big board of clients.  Or do you just want to network? We are always open to meeting new and interesting folks. Any new business inquiries  can be emailed to travis@missiofilms.com

Be Authentic

Missio Films is a commercial video production company that operates in Nashville, Tennessee, and Austin Texas. We specialize in creating mini documentary styled ads, music videos, animated ads, post-production services to shooting events.


We follow the simple motto, Great people, great work. We hope we can work with you someday, and help you create content worthy of your story.

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