Something has dawned on me recently, everyone wants a video for their brand, but most people don’t know why or how to use it. Crazy I know…

Over the course of working with a myriad of companies ranging from SMB’s to C-level clients when it comes to video, there are three things I try to figure out before creative is even brought up, and most importantly before a check is even written. The reason for this is because having a video just to have a video is a useless endeavor. What I always try to deliver to clients is video with a purpose, that becomes a solution to a specific marketing problem.

A few things I try and figure out:

1. What is your objective with incorporating video into your marketing plan?

This for me is the most important part of making anything for a client. It’s the biggest because it is potentially where I as a “video marketing professional” (I write that title solely for SEO purposes) can better understand what type of content needs to be created. It’s a basic question: What are you trying to accomplish using video?

Are you trying to capture leads?

Are you trying to raise awareness?

Are you trying convert emails into traffic?

Is this just for brand awareness?

On and on and on….

What are you trying to do and why? That is the first thing that we need to collaborate on before I can help you. Sure I can make you something that looks great and does a great job of capturing who you are as a brand. However, if that kind of video doesn’t work well with let’s say email, then you are probably not going to be a happy camper. Let’s set a specific objective and go from there.

2. Who is your Audience?

To beat a dead horse for the marketing world…

Understanding who your audience is, or who is buying what you are selling is by far one of the most helpful things to us in creating a video for a client. The reason being is because different audiences respond to different things.

For instance, let’s say you are a B2B company providing a service that does X and you sell to Y. Depending on what X and Y are, is going to make a huge difference in what sort of content is going to most helpful to you. Let’s say X is a piece of corporate financial software and Y is a CFO of a major corporation. Y is probably wanting something that is clean, polished and straight to the point on how your service will help them, do whatever CFO’s do…. I honestly have no Idea what CFO’s do other than say, “No we can’t do that,” to the creative department.

However, if Y is let’s say an HR Director and your service help create a more effective, fun, and engaged company culture. A video that reflects what that kind of fun and engaging culture your service would facilitate would probably be a good idea.

Content is king, yes this is true, but understanding who is watching that content is what makes it king.

3. How are people going to see this?

Part of what I do in my work is helping clients have a better understanding of what a distribution strategy would look like, or how a piece of video content would work most effectively inside a customer journey.

Is this a video that is just going to sit on the home page?

Okay, great we need to do a little higher level emotional selling to get someone’s attention on the front end. Let’s also look into how we can drive some targeted paid traffic to that homepage.

Is this something that is going to be used in an email marketing campaign? If so are these emails that have already opted in and know who you are and what you do? Okay, awesome! Let’s do something that is a little more specific and education based. As opposed to something that is a straight up sales piece.

To surmise, as they say, set an objective of how this content will function, know who you’re talking to, and finally know how to reach them.

There are different solutions to different parts of a client’s customer journey. My job is to help my clients figure out what those solutions will look like and where they will go. Making what I do for them as effective as possible. Hence, why we also work closely with some pretty incredible digital marketers.