The Work

Pearson Education is the global brand leader in the education space.  Our goal was to bring humanity into their online video advertising, by visually and emotionally elevating the idea of what it means to be an educator and a student. The concept execution consisted of creating content with teachers, real students,  employees, and the authors of their k-12 science program. On top of all of that, we came up with the tag line “It’s The Science of Doing!” which is now incorporated into all of their branding. All told we deliver fifty-five video  content pieces.


Pearson Education wanted to revamp their branding surrounding their authors, and how they relate to on the ground teachers. What we wanted to do was visually elevate the idea of a text book author. While focusing on telling emotionally relatable stories authentically about their passion for education. This was accomplished by using the four authors of Pearson Elevate Science and Experience Chemistry programs to tell stories of how people, students, parents or education has impacted them.


One of the things we wanted to incorporate for Pearson’s new approach to branding was to give teachers a voice and help Pearson develop real empathy with their teachers. This was achieved by interviewing real teachers about what drove them to be teachers, where their passion came from, and why in a lot of cases a difficult job is so rewarding to them.


Pearson had the goal to update how they delivered the features and benefits of their brand. What we decided to create together was a hybrid of a mini-doc of real teachers talking about their experience teaching, and scripted sections that went into the features and benefits of their product line. Along with all of this, we shot b-roll of real students interacting with their products. All of these pieces culminated in a unique way where Pearson could showcase the features and benefits of their brand. While injecting much-needed humanity into the education space.


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