About Sober Stories

Rebranding Addiction & Sobriety

Sober Stories is an ongoing cause-based campaign that chronicles a variety of individuals who are in recovery for alcohol and drug abuse with a focus on what their lives are like now. As it stands, our society has normalized drinking to the point that many who abstain are meant to feel like outsiders. But this series aims to share the stories of people who are sober to demonstrate how we are all essentially the same; we all deal with things like fear, loss, self-hatred, success, failure, etc.

Too much of how our culture sees addiction is broadly negative. This leads those who seek to recover filled with fear and anxiety about being open.

As a group of people who are in Recovery, and allegedly are trained professionals in rebranding companies and organizations. We seek to change this.

With interview subjects ranging from a tattoo-covered biker to an environmental lawyer, Sober Stories is on a mission to show the many faces of sober living in the hopes that people who are considering sobriety might be able to see themselves in these narratives. For each person, we’ll spend an hour or more discussing their journey, then edit the interview into 5-6 short-form videos giving viewers insight into everything from getting a new perspective on the ego to the little things you notice when newly sober. Our goal is to feature people from a variety of lifestyles to provide more opportunities to connect with our audience.

We just want everyone to know they aren't alone, and to show the freedom and hope in recovery.

How to Help

Sober Stories is an independent ongoing project completely funded and made by us. We are still in the process of interviewing a wide variety of folks before an official launch.


We always can do more and have an ever-expanding list of needs. If you would like to help fund us or know of anyone that would be a good fit to interview, please don't hesitate to reach out.




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